About Skanroll

Skanroll A/S was founded in 1984 and has since been a stable and reliable total supplier of specialized machinery and equipment for internal transportation in many types of businesses.

We are located in Levring, just outside Kjellerup in Denmark, where we are based at two locations. In total we cover an area of more than 5,000 m2.


Skanroll develops, designs, manufactures and implements advanced conveyor and sorting machinery for customers in Denmark and abroad. We manufacture internal transportation equipment for use in industry, waste treatment and mining and quarrying.


At Skanroll we also have our own production facilities for manufacturing conveyor rollers, idler frames, idlers and pulleys, used in conveyor equipment and sorting systems for the industrial and the mining and quarrying sector.

We manufacture all types of conveyor rollers, including steel rollers, plastic rollers, rubber-coated rollers, etc., for use in internal conveyor lines and for other purposes. That also includes idlers with welded sprockets and rollers for conveyors and related components.

Skanroll also manufactures pulleys, including drive pulleys, return pulleys and cagepulleys – in all sizes.

We manufacture standard conveyor rollers, idlers and pulleys, but of course also customized – a few or many, depending on our customer´s needs.

We are known as a manufacturer of high-quality conveyor rollers, idlers, idler frames and pulleys with short delivery time.


Skanroll is a contract manufacturer, who always likes to take on the challenge if you need help to find the “right” solution.

Our motto is: We make it easier for our customers